Agents of GHOST

Session 3: Afternoon tea with a side of Torture

Drakes Fortune – Title Pending and Work in Progress Chapter 38: Temple of ancient dreams Part3
A white dove’s brisk flight is a pleasing sight to the untrained eye

I was not so lucky, obviously it was option B we had stumbled into bound and gagged I was dragged away for Interrogation.

Not wanting to give them anything I coaxed up some lies about how the group was chasing our friend who had stabbed him and that we were part of the adventuring group from the tournament.

Did not get me anywhere though blending lies with truth they still beat me up and knocked me out. I got away lucky though since they broke andy’s hand and Morty ended up like a meat popsicle, but we will get to that.

After everybody was interrogated about who we were we were thrown in mostly identical prison cells and I swear to Christ I would have opened the bloody door given enough time and preparation. My Lint and Button lock picks would have worked i swear.

Unfortunately I also noticed we had all been injected with something and we would have to identify what it was later. Well there was an enormous crash and some screams shortly after Andy opened our doors and low and behold Morty the meat popsicle.

Andy managed to stabilize him thank the gods before we continued on through the now rather empty corridors. We happened to find a bunch of bodies along the way and bumped into a survivor who Andy knocked out.

We eventually found our stuff inside a locked chest along with some other things we snagged with us. After stealthily making our way out we happened upon a cave where the traitor Mortdecai forever be his name damned struck me down with a blasted spell after missing the stalagmite creature, which I had previously identified as dangerous.

I need a bloody drink and a woman’s touch…

Drake’s Notes:
• Remember to omit the top secret parts (Mention of G.H.O.S.T and otherwise)
• Remember to berate Morty for risky fire manoeuvres, then buy him a drink.
• Remember to cheer up Traika if we ever get out of this hellhole
• Remember to talk to Andy about positioning and unit tactics he seems to get hurt quite alot.
• Remember to identify what we have been injected with once we return to base

Party Members:

Andy: Cheerful monk who has spent most of his life in the temple by the account he gave me, I hope to ask about his temple order in the nearby future so I can have notes for my book.

Traika: Azad Clanswoman she seems nice enough although her clansmen were not inclined to share their culture with me when I asked. I will try a secondary approach to gathering information regarding Azad tribal rituals.

Mortdecai: Megalomaniac with a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, probably keeping his ill fate bottled up inside him. Has also shot me once by mistake, although I think he was genuinely sorry.



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