Agents of GHOST

Session 2: Sorry but your Klovas is in another castle

Drakes Fortune – Title Pending and Work in Progress Chapter 37: Temple of ancient dreams Part2
Dreams float ever towards the starlight bound only by the waning moments of time.

Meanwhile Elsewhere-

Introductions went swiftly after Perci and Rick gave us a chance to get to know each other I introduced the squad to Copper squad to see what they had gotten up to.

Turns out Mortdecai has a bit of megalomaniac complex.

- End

After winning our bouts in the tournament we spent our time resting in the Dragon’s Tail inn. Andy was his usual cheerful self jumping around like a rabbit with endless energy. Morty decided to go sit in the corner of the bar and drink by himself while me and Traika were stuck with Copper squad.

The twins persisted with their infatuations for me which I had to politely decline as their proposal for dubious events at night made me spill my drink.

After the events in the Tavern we defeated the barbarians by a hairs breath winning by knocking them out with sleep spells. Unfortunately Traika was not able to best her challenger in one on one combat and was forced to lose face in front of her clan members; I hope this does not trouble her too much.

The tempus monks beat the guards with ease and we were invited to dinner with Klovas where I snuck a message to him about the assassination attempt.

The message told him to stick to his schedule and that we would catch the assassin in the act. I also deduced that the assassins would most likely strike tonight and not wait for the tournament to be over as they had now gotten close to Klovas.

Oh boy did we catch the assassin in the act after a stroke of genius to disguise ourselves as Klovas and attempt to trick the assassins. Our ploy was simple we had disguised ourselves as a Klovas Theme because adventurers sometimes use disguises after all. One of the Twins decided to pay me a visit that night and I know if I had said yes I would have found my giblets cut out of me the next morning by an angry banshee.

Andy was on watch when the assassin finally struck and unfortunately for Andy the disguise worked a little too well when he got stabbed and went down like a sack of potatoes.
After we took chase over the rooftops we came to a cave with traps where we were ambushed and knocked out. When I came to I was bound and gagged and I was secretly hoping the twins had taken drastic measure to win my affections, since the alternative was obviously far worse.

I guess dinner would have to wait…

Drake’s Notes:
• Remember to omit the top secret parts (Mention of G.H.O.S.T and otherwise)
• Remember to ask Morty about how he became a Ghost Agent
• Remember to cheer up Traika if we ever get out of this hellhole
• Hope I don’t get experimented on again

Party Members:

Andy: Cheerful monk who has spent most of his life in the temple by the account he gave me, I hope to ask about his temple order in the nearby future so I can have notes for my book.

Traika: Azad Clanswoman she seems nice enough although her clansmen were not inclined to share their culture with me when I asked. I will try a secondary approach to gathering information regarding Azad tribal rituals.

Mortdecai: Megalomaniac with a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, probably keeping his ill fate bottled up inside him.



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