Agents of GHOST

Session 1: There is no party like a Monk Party

Drakes Fortune – Title Pending and Work in Progress

Chapter 36: Temple of ancient dreams.
One man’s silence can drown the voice of any crowd

I was tasked with the oversight for a group of ghost agents within the G.H.O.S.T organisation as their sergeant. I had only briefly seen them before but they turned out to be a rather varied bunch of individuals.

The group introduced themselves and I have to say G.H.O.S.T really does recruit from all corners of the world as there was even an Azad clanswoman who was with us called Traika; I also met the Monk who calls himself Andy a very spiritual fellow who was taken by the goddess Tymora. (The other two recruits introduced themselves here)

We were tasked by Rick (Side Note: We decided to call Ricardo Rick from now on) to help protect the High Monk Klovas who we discovered was around his early 30’s (Andy one of my new squad members had previous contact with the Monks)

Our mission was to infiltrate the Monastery of the Four Gods during the winning ceremony to get close to Klovas by trying to win the contests that were currently being held there. Thankfully we had a few backup plans as Andy was known with the Monk order and we could use his connections to get inside as well as sneaking in if we had to as a last and final option.

We got to the fair grounds and signed up for the tournament and I realized too late that it was a blasted costume party with a gladiator arena mixed in, sort of wish I had been informed about this during the meeting I would have put on my best disguise.

We staked out the area for a while before the tournament, talking to individuals who were also participating in the arena. This is where we met the Ninjas, the Azad clansmen and the Monks of Tempus.

Unfortunately I was distracted by the twins again they just won’t leave me alone for some reason and I have a feeling if Kat ever reads my Journals someone is going to be murdered so I will omit this in my final draft of my book. Yes good idea.

We did not learn much information before the games started but I already had a theory that someone was trying to kill old Klovas or should I say young Klovas because he was picked over other monks in the order even though he was so young.

Finally the tournament started and we bested the following teams:

• Peasants – (Poor bastards probably were peasants we defeated them swiftly)

• Ninjas – (Monks disguised as Ninjas, were a little tougher but we beat them )

• Guards – (These guys got a lucky shot in on Andy but he survived as he was forced into the fan girls who thankfully were momentarily distracted, Traika also went down but not before doing some damage to the guards. I was incredibly lucky enough to take down the three guards with a few magic tricks and swigs of mead)

After winning the first part of the tournament I was accosted by the twins for an autograph while autographing they cheekily hugged me and one gave me a peck on the cheek, yes no I will omit this too. We decided to go investigate the Azad clansmen and the Monks again; me and Andy went to the monks while Traika went to talk to her clansmen.

Andy and I discovered that Hanos Fargetter was another monk in line of succession that was not pleased that Klovas had been picked over him. I also discovered that one of the monks was of Azad descent and tried to tag him to keep an eye on him but failed he was very wary of other people.

Me and Andy decided to keep an eye out for the monk as he could be a suspect since our description was of an Azad Assassin. I still have not ruled out anyone in disguise but then it could be anyone and that’s like looking for that special vintage in the winery without labels.

We bid the Tempus monks farewell and found out Traika had been goaded by her clansmen especially by a man named Haro Golinsohnir of the Randall tribe. Thankfully we were going to be fighting them next round and I am sure Traika will want to give the ruffians what they deserve.

A swift kick in the groin.

Drake’s Notes:

• Remember to omit the top secret parts (Mention of G.H.O.S.T and otherwise)
• The mead was delicious must pick up recipe for monk brew.
• Remember to omit anything that might lead to murder in final draft of book
• Remember to pick up food for dinner before returning home

Party Members:

Andy: Cheerful monk who has spent most of his life in the temple by the account he gave me, I hope to ask about his temple order in the nearby future so I can have notes for my book.

Traika: Azad Clanswoman she seems nice enough although her clansmen were not inclined to share their culture with me when I asked. I will try a secondary approach to gathering information regarding Azad tribal rituals.

Party Member: To be added later
Party Member: To be added later


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