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Campaign Info

Theme: Heroic & Dark Fantasy with horror elements
Game System: D&D 5E (w/ optional Feat rules)
Starting level: level 1
Abilities: standard (roll them, see PHB)


The campaign centers in the country of Rajustan.

Important notes

  • Read the info on Rajustan and use it for your backstory!
  • Your backstory should end with being trained as a GHOST agent. The party will together be a newly formed GHOST squad.
  • Please note you have trained as recruits with the other party members and as such know their capabilities and most likely (part of) their story. As such I advice you to put up your characters in this Obsidian Portal under Characters and only keep secret what other players really wouldn’t know.
  • Rajustan features 99+% humans. If you want to play a different race, please read the section on Neighbors and confer with the GM
  • Rajustan has little arcane magic. If you want to play an arcane caster, read the section on Magic and confer with the GM.
  • Players are encouraged to be creative in their history and to freely add any new element or expand upon existing ones.
  • Please check the rules about languages

Main Page

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