Radjustan has a special military force, outside the army command called GHOST. The existence of this force is not generally known and it’s agents are used to working covertly.

GHOST operatives are divided into squads of 4-5 agents. On missions several squads may work together as a unit under the leadership of a Captain. The squads have a sergeant and corporal and generally include a mixture of different classes, such as a mage, healer, rogue and fighter.

GHOST agents are recruited by special recruiters, that specifically search for talent within specific organizations, such as the army, guards, mercenaries, clerics, monks and even criminals. You don’t find GHOST, they find you.

The missions GHOST is involved in are generally about national or inter-national threats that need to be dealt with before mass fear arises. This usually involves dealing with monsters, magical situations, eliminating of upcoming or potential threats and the monitoring of all kinds of activities.

Recruits are trained in a special program, honing their specific skills, as well as training many general survival and fighting techniques. After the training the recruits are generally assigned to existing squads, or a new squad of promising recruits is formed.


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